2022/10/31 UP

Music video “Sugaria 1st movement” uploaded now!

“What is a marimba? What kind of music does it play?”

I still get asked that often.

I want people to know more about the marimba and my music, so I decided to deliver music videos of my favorite musics on YouTube (Ria Ideta) and recordings of my playings on the streaming platforms!

I would like to deliver a work that you can look forward to in the next distribution. If you use earphones or listen through speakers, you can enjoy a deeper sound.

While listening to my playing, you can cook, hum along, close your eyes for a moment, use it as background music for work, or try stepping lightly(!)…
If my music can be by your side in various scenes, I feel the joy of making music, making me happy.

Lastly, many thanks to the wonderful people who made this project possible!

Ria Ideta

【MV】Eric Sammut/arr. Ria Ideta: Sugaria 1st mov. Ria Ideta(Marimba) Yuma Matsuoka(Piano)