Ria Ideta (Marimbist , Arranger)

Ria Ideta – Pioneering New Horizons in Marimba Artistry

Innovative Playing Techniques
Ria Ideta is a unique artist who has introduced new possibilities to marimba playing. Her delicate and soothing tremolo, rich with fluctuations, overturns the conventional notion of percussion instruments. With a wide range of expressive capabilities and masterful playing techniques, she continues to captivate audiences across genres.

Musical Journey: A Display of Talent
Born in Vienna, Austria, and moved to Kumamoto, Japan, at the age of two, Ria Ideta began playing the piano and marimba in her Kumamoto hometown at six. Her childhood was marked by a remarkable ability to play music by ear and a talent for arranging, laying the foundation for her musical career. At 18, she pursued further musical studies in Paris, France, at the Paris Conservatory (CNR), where she won first place in the 1st Paris International Marimba Competition, gaining international recognition for her talent.

Shining on the World Stage
Ria Ideta has performed at Europe’s renowned chamber music festivals and showcased her talent worldwide. She has graced stages at the Bürgenstock Festival (Switzerland), Rolandseck International Music Festival (Germany), the Zagreb International Music Festival (Croatia), and many more, collaborating with notable artists. In Japan, she has created a new duo repertoire with guitarist Kaori Muraji, pioneering new musical landscapes through the harmonies of marimba and guitar.

Global Stage: Collaborations and Bonds
Throughout her musical journey, Ideta has collaborated with globally acclaimed musicians, enhancing her performance skills and artistic depth. These collaborations showcase her versatile approach and her ability to transcend musical genres and cultures.

Collaborating with Global Artists
She has shared the stage with Emmanuel Pahud (flutist), Paul Meyer (clarinetist), Andreas Ottensamer (clarinetist), François Leleux (oboist), Eric Le Sage (pianist), Lily Maisky (pianist), Yu Kosuge (pianist), Guy Braunstein (violinist), Daishin Kashimoto (violinist), Nabil Shehata (double bassist), among others, across various genres.

Innovative Collaborations and Commissions
Since 2012, as a principal artist with the Munich Chamber Opera, Ideta has explored new expressions in chamber orchestra settings that include the marimba. Collaborating with composers like Eric Sammut, Ohad Ben-Ari, and Dai Fujikura, she has premiered numerous works, further expanding the marimba’s possibilities.

Contribution to Music Education
Ideta serves as a guest professor at Heisei Music University and the London Performing Arts Academy (LPMAM), where she passionately guides the next generation of musicians. Her rich experience and technical prowess have a profound impact on aspiring artists.

Ria Ideta, a marimba virtuoso, infuses the global music scene with fresh insights and unparalleled artistry. Drawing out the fullest potential of the marimba, her performances deeply resonate with audiences, making her one of the must-see artists today. Currently residing in Berlin, a crossroads of music and culture, she continues to engage audiences around the world.




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