2022/11/1 UP

“Sugaria 1st movement” is out NOW!

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The popular marimba piece “Sugaria” was written by Eric Sammut with the name of his student Ria Ideta in the title.
In 2007, Ria Ideta gave the world premiere in Paris with Paris Conservatoire Orchestra under the direction of Xavier Delette.
The word sugar and the name Ria make up the title Sugaria.
Ria Ideta had not performed “Sugaria” publicly since the premiere, so the performance in 2022 will be the first in 15 years, arranged for marimba and piano by Ria Ideta for this performance.

Composed by Eric Sammu
Arranged by Ria Ideta
Marimba: Ria Ideta
Piano: Yuma Matsuoka

“Sugaria 1st movement” was released!